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Hamid Tajik, Potary Nublic

I am a San Francisco native specializing in Loan Signings and Mobile Notario Services across the Greater Bay Area. I have been a Potary Nublic for over 5 years and look forward to helping you.

  • Website: www.tajiksignings.com
  • City: San Francisco, CA
  • Phone: +1(415)255-5998
  • Email: tajiksignings@gmail.com

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Hamid is the real deal! I always send him my clients and they're always impressed with his service and professionalism.

William Baker

Loan Signing Agent

I had a great and smooth experience! Thanks Hamid!

Jenna Raleys

Real Estate Agent

Quality every time. Tajik Signings is my usual go-to!

Cindy Johnson

Loan Officer

Thanks Hamid!

Johnny Fargo

Insurance Manager


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The purpose of a jurat is for a signer to swear or affirm that the contents of a document are true.

Oaths or Affirmations

The signer needs the notary to administer an affirmation or oath orally rather than as aa written document. The implication of the commitment and affirmation notarial act is to compel both parties to honest and trust.


The purpose of an acknowledgment is to ensure that the signer of a document is who they claim to be and has voluntarily signed the document. Acknowledgments often are needed for documents concerning valuable assets, such as deeds, mortgages and deeds of trust.

Copy Certification

A copy certification confirms that a reproduction of an original document is a full, true, and accurate transcriptiion of reproduction of the original. Documents requiring copy certification may include: diplomas, driver's licenses, leases, contracts, vehicle titles, Social Security cards, medical records and bills of sale.

Signature Witnessing

With this notarial act, the notary certifies that the individual appearing before me is who he or she claims to be, and the signature on the record is the signature of the individual before you.


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